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About AWA

To maintain America’s unique commitment to safety and connectivity, AWA advocates for evidence-based policies to mitigate the pilot supply crisis.


Many factors have conspired to create a shortage of qualified pilots in the US and worldwide.

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The lack of qualified pilots has many and varied serious implications.

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Through collaboration, industry and government can solve this problem and improve aviation safety.

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Jobs and Economic Impact

If there's nobody at the pointy end of the plane, there's nobody in the cabin, on the tarmac, in the terminal, and, to a large extent, in the surrounding community. Every pilot job drives more than 60 other jobs.

Passenger Safety

Complacency is the enemy of safety. Aviation needs to be constantly evolving and improving based on evidence and data. The next generation of pilots need to be trained according to the best available science.

Military Readiness

More than almost anything else, the strength of America's military depends upon qualified airmen. Without sufficient pilots, the Defense Department is unable to accomplish logistical and tactical missions.

The pilot shortage is real and the United States is already feeling its impact.

We have one chance to address the problem. AWA is working with all stakeholders to find and advocate for workable solutions.